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Ceramic sculpture and portraiture, in particular, are forms of a visual narration that I use to satisfy my urge for documenting what I see in human nature. Evocative of well-loved toys and obsolete artifacts, I use the implied history of these objects to encourage the viewer to disconnect from the present situation and conjure their own individual narratives from my sculptures.

Working with concepts that are personal and sometimes narcissistic perceptions of the gloomy side of life, dark humor is my buffer. Dry or irreverent, it is humor that mystifies the tragic.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Arts Council of Princeton_Artist In Resident Project

My Residency at the Arts Council of Princeton is fast approaching it's end.  I started researching this project in August 2011.  I'll have some of the finished work on display, December 2nd, during "Sauce for the Goose", a fund raising event at the ACP.  

I wanted to create a sculpture about a famous Princetonian who is well known to folks from Princeton, but maybe not as well known or known at all to others.  The man I chose to look more closely at is Archibald Cambel Seruby.  

Venerable Colored Man, Noted for High-Powered Salesmanship, Back for Yale Game.
With loud shouts of "Get your winning peanuts!" "O-old Nassau", and many toothy smiles and throaty roars, Spader, the old negro peanut man will be on hand at the game this afternoon, for his peddling license has been renewed. - A. C. Seruby, as his name appears on the license issued to him by the Borough Council, has been a prominent figure in Princeton and surrounding boroughs for so long that he has now taken on the aspect of a landmark. His high, shiny silk hat and coachman's coat with the gleaming buttons and his basket of roasted peanuts have been familiar to generations of Princeton students. The Jigger Man waives all claim of priority to Spader and declares the latter was well established when he started in himself twenty years ago.

"Get yore peanuts heah, . Winnin' peanuts heah, Get yore peanuts heah, Fo' old Nassau." 

Day 9 finished slipping and ready to go into the kiln for bisque firing.

Day 9 close up of tie with peanut slip transfer

Day 9 in the Kiln

Day 6

Day 4

Day 4

Day 4
Day 3

Day 3
Day 2

Day 2
Day 1