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Ceramic sculpture and portraiture, in particular, are forms of a visual narration that I use to satisfy my urge for documenting what I see in human nature. Evocative of well-loved toys and obsolete artifacts, I use the implied history of these objects to encourage the viewer to disconnect from the present situation and conjure their own individual narratives from my sculptures.

Working with concepts that are personal and sometimes narcissistic perceptions of the gloomy side of life, dark humor is my buffer. Dry or irreverent, it is humor that mystifies the tragic.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What is the figure in contemporary art?

I don’t know if it is nessesarily a trend, but there seems to be a movement toward what I’ve heard/read described as “eccentric figuration”. The Grotesque, disturbing and highly eccentric. People in today’s culture have to wear many hats and identies. The internet has opended up a pandora’s box of information that saturates us daily. You look at any magazine, television show or internet site and become consumed with human faces. There seems to be a need to escape into someone else’s life, and leave personal realities far behind, even if just for a few minutes. In my work the figure is a fundemental vehicle for human identiy. It is that understandable and relatable compent that lures the viewer into my world.

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