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Ceramic sculpture and portraiture, in particular, are forms of a visual narration that I use to satisfy my urge for documenting what I see in human nature. Evocative of well-loved toys and obsolete artifacts, I use the implied history of these objects to encourage the viewer to disconnect from the present situation and conjure their own individual narratives from my sculptures.

Working with concepts that are personal and sometimes narcissistic perceptions of the gloomy side of life, dark humor is my buffer. Dry or irreverent, it is humor that mystifies the tragic.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Smoker-Process Photos- New Ceramic Sculpture

I’ve been working on this ceramic sculpture, working title, The Smoker, for the past 2 weeks. It’s a homage to my ex-downstairs neighbors, who were great people but habitually smoked cigarettes. So much that the smoke penetrated the floor and fumigated us in our apartment. Not a pleasant situation to say the least. The sculpture is intended to mount on a wall. Eventually it will have hair, an enormous mustache and a calabash style pipe.

I’m having some trouble deciding on what to use for the hair. One idea is natural sheep’s wool.

Any thoughts?

To Be Continued......

Waiting to cast the Calabash Pipe
and put on the mustache

Detail of eyes

Detail of Holes

Out of the bisque firing and first sanding finished. 

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